Friday, October 18, 2013

NFL Update for October 18: Seattle Stays Hot, Name Controversy Continues For "Redskins", & What Logos Might Look Like If They Were Fat

Thursday Night Football - Seattle Seahawks 34, Arizona Cardinals 22

The Arizona Cardinals had a relatively rare opportunity to showcase that sparkling stadium of theirs last night, as they hosted the division leading Seattle Seahawks.

Really, there were no surprises on this night. Everything went, more or less, as you might expect.

Seattle dominated. They took an early lead of 14-0, and looked unstoppable in the first quarter.

Arizona, to their credit, did respond a bit in the second quarter, scoring ten points to pull within 14-10 and seemingly making a game of it, although Seattle was able to get a field goal before halftime, to raise their lead back to 17-10.

Russell Wilson completed 18 of 29 pass attempts for 235 yards and 3 touchdowns with no interceptions, for an overall quarterback rating of 122.1. He showed poise in the pocket, although he was sacked three times overall. He lost the football in one of those sacks in the second quarter, very deep in Seattle territory. The Cardinals were able to quickly capitalize on the very next play for a touchdown that compromised Seattle's early lead quite a bit, although they obviously still won the game convincingly. Still, Wilson looks more like a seasoned veteran at quarterback, then a young second year guy.

On the other side, actual seasoned veteran Chris Palmer had a rough go of it. He was sacked seven times, and intercepted twice. He managed to complete 30 of 45 pass attempts for 258 yards, with one touchdown, but those two costly interceptions.

Marshawn Lynch rushed for 91 yards on 21 rush attempts, with one touchdown.

Seattle's defense was fast and opportunistic last night, and proved too much for the Cardinals to handle, ultimately. This was the eight straight divisional loss for the Cardinals, dating back to last season. The loss dropped them to 3-4 on the season, and now in sole possession of last place in the division.

In the meantime, the Seahawks looked pretty strong all around, except maybe for that offensive line, which showed some vulnerabilities. Still, a win is a win.

The Seahawks raised their overall record to 6-1 on the season with this win, and remain with a game and a half lead over San Francisco, and a two and a half game lead over St. Louis. They are second in the league with total points scored, with 191 so far in seven games.

Yes, Seattle looks like the real deal so far, and if they keep playing the way that they have been playing thus far, they could very well wind up not only winning the division, but possibly securing home field advantage, as well. Seattle would be a mighty tough place to have to play in January for any road team, no matter how good they are.

Criticism, and Pressure, Mounts on Redskins to Change Name:

An editorial cartoonist, Tom Stiglich of the New York Daily News apparently believes that "it ranks up there with the Nazi swastika and Confederate flag, arguably two of the most recognizable symbols of racism and hatred in world history."

That, according to a Yahoo! article "Cartoonist compares Redskins name and logo to Nazi swastika and Confederate flag" by Anwar S. Richardson, a writer for Shutdown Corner. he went onto mention that more and more groups are beginning to demand that the Washington football squad change their names to something less offensive, and that these kinds of criticisms can only be expected to increase, until the franchise does so.

What Team Logos Might Look Like If They Were Greatly Overweight

Finally, I thought it might be nice to end this particular blog on a light and funny note.

If you click on the link below, there are images of what the alternative logos for certain franchises would be if they were severely overweight. Some of them were a bit puzzling, like the logo for the New Orleans Saints and the Arizona Cardinals. I could at least understand what the artist was trying for with the Saints, although they had to alter the team colors for the corn. Also, corn is considered a health food, is it not? That seemed a bit strange. As for the Cardinals, I just don't get it, admittedly. If I'm missing something here, by all means, please let me know.

But some of them were pretty creative and funny. I like the one for the Houston Texans, which can double as perhaps indicative of the way the season has been going for them, as in "Stick a  fork in 'em". But my personal favorite was the one for the Detroit Lions, which was actually quite funny.  Also, the fat star for the Dallas Cowboys was quite amusing.

You can take a look for yourself, of course. It is called "What if All 32 NFL Team Logos Were Fat?", and was published by David Rappoccio of Kissing Suzy Kolber on October 17, 2013. Here is the link, if you want to see for yourself:

He has some others, as well, that are pretty funny. One puts the face of the undeniably great Peyton Manning on the log of each franchise, for pretty hilarious results. I was especially partial to the Broncos, the Jets, Washington, the Vikings, the Saints, and the Buccaneers:

Here, he designs new uniforms for each team. At first, I hardly noticed a difference (except with the Bengals). But as I scrolled down, they got funnier and funnier. I like the Raiders, the Saints, and the Decepticon/Megatron Detroit Lions. The Jaguars one looks pretty hideous, and yet, it would be an improvement over their current uniforms! And take a look at the Buffalo Bills! That was the funniest one by far to me. Here is the link:

This one was a little bizarre, although there are some pretty funny ones here as well. In particular, I like Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. Kaepernick is pretty funny, as is the one for Drew Brees. But the funniest one, I think, just might be Eli Manning. Either him, or Jay Cutler! Take a look, and let's see what you think:

Finally, the English Gentlemen. I was admittedly a little skeptical, wondering how that could be humorous in more than one or two cases. But, they actually are quite humorous, and each team is renamed. Washington's new team name was very funny, and perhaps an option to replace their current team name? We'll see. The 49ers, the Patriots, the Steelers, the Ravens, the Texans, and once again, the Buffalo Bills (I wonder what he has against the Buffalo Bills, anyway?), were all very funny as well. The Panthers were pretty cool, too!

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