Wednesday, April 30, 2014

First Ever 3-D Pen!

Now, I thought this was really cool. After running into this earlier in the evening, it definitely seemed like something that would be worth sharing here!

It is reaching a point where you begin to wonder just how far technological innovations are going to go! It makes you wonder about what the possibilities are going to be, doesn't it?

Take a look at this link:

"LIX: The World’s Smallest 3D Printing Pen Lets You Draw in the Air" April 29, 2014:

A Visit to Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart - Newark, New Jersey

Part of the visit to Branch Brook Park was visiting the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark. i always loved this building, with it's unique and distinctive look and feel. The towers are angled in such a way that they seem almost to be facing sideways, so that it never fully looks like you are facing the front of the church, even when standing right in front of it.

Of course, the beauty of the building is greatly and immeasurably enhanced by it's surroundings, since a good part of Branch Brook Park (the prettiest part, by my estimate) is right at it's feet, essentially. 

Some of the images of this park that stick with me the best are down by the lake part of it, during the spring seasons when the cherry blossoms and flowers are out and offer a colorful splash of spring colors! Beautiful! 

Yes, I am aware that Newark does not have the greatest reputation. But this is a nice park that offers a lot! It deserves to be better known.

Then again, on this particular visit, I saw quite a few Japanese tourists, more than I had ever seen before! That seems a good sign.

In any case, the church was a nice visit, too. It was apparently my son's first ever visit to any church (he has not been raised in a religious manner, obviously). He got to see a truly world class church for his first time out, including some stained glass windows. We even got to here the bells tolling for noon, which always reminds me of Europe and the Old World.

Here, below, are some of the pictures that I took from the visit to the church: