Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A “Mini Ice Age” Within a Decade and a Half?

Just recently, a report released by scientists suggested that a miniature Ice Age was possibly by as early as 2030. That is 15 years from now, which means that we would obviously not have much time to prepare.

Of course, that sounds absurdly soon, but it sure made some headlines. Anytime scientists suggest that a certain scenario might be possible, the popular media harps on it, as if this suggested possibility were etched in stone.

No, the scientists were not saying that there will be such an Ice Age within a generation, although they did not back up from the possibility. Anything is possible, and human beings, for all of their scientific and technological advances, still do not know for certain how this world works.

That said, since this global culture has been predictably unpredictable, the outcome of our actions really still is very much in doubt. And while I personally remember modern day climate change deniers who now admit that climate change is real, but will not budge on the notion that it is ridiculous to suggest that human actions have contributed to it, were the same ones who thought that climate change itself was a laughable idea not very long ago.

After seeing some of the very strange natural phenomenon that we have seen in the last decade and change, however, many of these deniers are no longer laughing. From the tsunami in Southeast Asia, Hurricane Katrina ravaging the Gulf Coast, to the massive earthquake in Japan, and finally Hurricane Sandy ravaging New Jersey and New York,

Nobody could have predicted that. Nor could anyone have predicted the level of severity with the present day California drought, or some of the severe flooding that has become routine along the Mississippi River. Or the severe heat waves we are starting to see regularly in Europe and parts of North America (record temperatures were experienced earlier this summer in the West), which as often followed by epic cold temperatures in Europe and North America during the winter months. Australia has also experienced unbelievably hot, record setting temperatures.

The point is that we do not know where all of this is going. A a new Ice Age within just a few years might seem improbable, and the stuff of Hollywood, and not reality. Probably, it is. These scientists made a larger point, however, and we would do well to listen, while there is still time that taking action might at least slow down the process of global warming/climate change.

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