Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Another Story That Illustrates That the Confederate Flag is a Symbol of Racism

There was an ugly incident in Douglasville. It occurred during the celebration of a black child's birthday party.

A group of whites driving pick-up trucks and prominently displaying the Confederate battle flag on

the bed at the back of the vehicles, among other flags. What happened next is disputed.

Those who attended the party claim that the pick-up trucks essentially drove by the party repeatedly, and hassled the party goers, yelling out racial slurs and threats, and eventually parking in a nearby plot of land across the street to essentially hassle the party goers. 

There is another account of the story, however.

Levi Bush, the leader of this group that calls itself "Protect the Flag" and allegedly sells these flags, with all proceeds going towards veterans or towards purchasing American flags for those in need, claimed that it was those who attended the party who actually started the incident. According to Bush's account, some of those from the party began to throw rocks at the trucks as they passed by, and that was when the ugly incident caught on videotape occurred.

Later, once his group began to leave, Bush says that he got a flat tire after running over a median not far from the site of the altercation caught on video, and that 15-20 of those at the party arrived and began to essentially threaten him.

Whichever of these accounts is the truth, Bush admitted that a racial slur was likely used by some of those in the pick-up trucks. The video has been seen now hundreds of thousands of times since it hit the web.

Watch: Confederate Flag Racists Terrorize Black Child’s Birthday Party, Vow To ‘Kill Y’all N*ggers’

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