Saturday, July 18, 2015

Instinct [FULL MOVIE]

This was a good movie, although it helps if you are familiar with Daniel Quinn's written works, since it was based on them.

Anthony Hopkins is a truly incredible actor! He has long been one of my favorites. I am not sure what it is, what he does, but it just seems absolutely brilliant whenever he acts. This is a man who can play any role, from the psychotic and highly dangerous intellectual killer Hannibal Lecter, to the intellectual and lowkey Ted Brautigan, to Adolf Hitler, to this former professor rejecting the world, to another professor who denies his race and eventually has to confront the demons of his past, to an incredibly intelligent billionaire with an encyclopedic mind, yet with a decided lack of social skills.

Yes, Hopkins is perhaps truly the most gifted actor of our time and, if not, he certainly is in a very small field of elites.

Not only does this movie feature him, but he helps bring real life and meaning to the message. A very important movie to watch, and I highly recommend it!

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