Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ridley Scott Explores What the World Might have Looked Like if Allies Lost World War II

There is a new show coming to Amazon that will explore what the world might have looked like had the Axis powers defeated the Allies during World War II.

This is not the most unique show. There have been other movies and books with a similar theme, although this one, which is titled The Man in the High Castle, is influenced by Phillip K. Dick's 1962 novel. Others have tackled this topic before, including another writer, Daniel Quinn, who penned After Dachau - a fascinating and imaginative look at how the world might have been different had Hitler won the war.

It will come to Amazon in the fall of 2015.

Here is the link:

Ridley Scott is about to show us a world where the Allies lost World War II

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