Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why the Emphasis on Abolishing Marijuana and Other Psychedelic Plants?

New Jersey Governor and presidential hopeful Chris Christie has been warning people in states that have legalized pot to smoke up while there is still time, because once he gets into the White House (always assuming he does ever get into the White House as more than a mere visitor), he will crack down and bring the old prohibition back.

It is unlikely that Christie will actually be elected President (his voter approval ratings among the GOP so far in this early primary season is quite low), it nonetheless is something that worries me a little bit, since a GOP President may very well try to crack down on recreational marijuana use.

What pisses me off, really, is just why this is such a crucial issue for them, when there are so many other bigger problems in the world to focus in on. After all, why go to such lengths to illegalize something that grows completely naturally in the world to begin with?

Well, there is a link below to a site that explains why this might be, and it does make you think. It is a short article, although there is a video attached as well (which I attached to this blog entry).

Please take a look, and let us examine the issue of legalized marijuana, as it once again is making news, and once again, rather predictably, is being challenged:

Why Culture and Society Banned Psychedelic Plants (Video) published by The Mind Unleashed, July 16, 2015:

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