Friday, August 14, 2015

It's Official: U.S. Opens Embassy in Cuba

Some people are suggesting that this is the end of the final stage of the Cold War, although I think that might come if North Korea ever ends the communist dictatorship there, and tensions in that region end.

Still, there is no downplaying the significance of what transpired earlier today.

Secretary of State John Kerry flew in to Havana to watch the ceremony for the raising of the flag at the new American Embassy. Cuba's own flag raising ceremony at the new Cuban Embassy opened tin Washington.

So, a policy that had stood (and failed) for half a century now has come to an end, and Cuba and the United States now have formal relations and recognize one another's governments.

Of course, not everybody is happy, and many are critical. These days, you can expect opposition to almost anything and everything.

But I, for one, applaud this as a positive step, and believe that this was not only inevitable, but long overdue.

Let this aspect of the Cold War, this dinosaur that somehow lived to political modernity, become what it should be: history.

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