Thursday, November 26, 2015

Alcatraz Hosts Native American Protest of Thanksgiving

Okay, Thanksgiving meals for most people are over for this year, although there should be plenty of leftovers in most cases for a good few days yet.

I know I had my fill today. It has been nearly six hours since my last bite, and I still feel filled to the brim!  But I would have to say that it was a good Thanksgiving overall. There are plenty of things that I am thankful for: having been able to share another Thanksgiving meal with family, for my family and I enjoying relatively good health, for relative financial stability (especially since last year, 2014, was kind of a rough year on my end financially), for being in a stable relationship, for the good times that I was able to share with friends and family alike, particularly with my son (with a trip to Arizona and several other memorable doings), and for his showing fairly strong progress in school.

Taking time to appreciate our numerous blessings is the best aspect of this holiday, I think. We should collectively do more of this - probably much more - because too often, our focus is on what we do not (yet) have, and fretting and fussing over that. And that is why it is so depressing that such a holiday is followed by Black Friday, when news reports of the results of excess greed and desire for more, more, more have become a common theme.

One other thing that I feel thankful for, though, is my childlike curiosity and sense of wonder, which seems to have largely survived the transition to adulthood relatively intact. This is definitely something that I feel grateful for, and which allows me to write these blog entries and continue "The Charbor Chronicles." And today, I had a decent amount of posts, particularly relating to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Well, here is one more (most likely the last, this time). This one is about American Indians gathering at Alcatraz, which has a symbolic significance for them. It was as a sort of protest against Thanksgiving, as well as a celebration of Native American culture. If so inclined, click on the link below:


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