Thursday, November 12, 2015

Boromir Seen in a New Light

The Fellowship of the Ring
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This post regarding a Lord of the Rings character seemed quite cool, and something worth sharing here.
It is about Boromir, the man who was chosen to be part of the Fellowship to bring the ring to Mordor to get thrown into the lava fire and permanently destroyed. 
However, Boromir, as you might recall, has a moment of hesitation, of weakness, where he essentially appears to betray Frodo Biggins, attacking him in order to obtain the ring to fulfill his own desires.
Here, one writer attempts to shed light on a potentially new perspective regarding Boromir and this one incident by which he was often so harshly judged.
So, here is the link:
Something You Never Realized About Boromir. Mind Blown. POSTED 1 WK 31 COMMENTS Zainab Coovadia Content Writer

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