Monday, November 30, 2015

Charlie Brown Christmas Special

Earlier this evening, while visiting my parents, there was a special that came on ABC. It was the 50th anniversary of Charlie Brown airing at 8pm, which was followed by the annual Charlie Brown Christmas Special that aired at 9pm and went until 10pm.

My son was with me, and he was interested in watching it. This was mildly surprising, although a real surprise came a couple of weeks or so ago, when a classroom full of elementary school children spoke excitedly about watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special that was to air later that evening.

I am not unhappy about this, having grown up on Charlie Brown myself. However, it made me mildly irritated at ABC, for the decision to air the Charlie Brown Christmas special after the 50th anniversary program, coming at the relatively late hour (for children) of 9pm. My son is supposed to be in bed at that time, and was unable to watch it. It seems frankly illogical to me that ABC would air the 50th anniversary program at 8pm, since this did not appeal to my son so much, and my gut tells me that it would not interest other kids his age and younger, either. At least, it would not interest them nearly as much as the cartoon special itself, which aired too late for many other disappointed children (I am assuming my son was not the only one).

So, I went looking for the Charlie Brown Christmas Special on Youtube, so that he could watch it in the future at his leisure. It seems to be a sped up version, as everything moves fast, and the voices sound really babyish. Still, it seems to be the special in it's entirety, and seemed fitting to share here:

Oh, and since I mentioned it, here is the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special from 1973:

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