Saturday, November 7, 2015

Justin Trudeau Now Officially is the Prime Minister of Canada

Canadian flag

Photo courtesy of waferboard's Flickr page - Canadian flag:

Justin Trudeau | Corporate Video Production Toronto
Photo courtesy of Joseph Morris's Flickr page -  Justin Trudeau | Corporate Video Production Toronto:

A few days ago, on November 4th, Justin Trudeau was sworn in as Canada's new Prime Minister. He is the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada.

He spoke about how privileged her feels to be put in this position:

"Honoured to be sworn in today as 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. C’est un honneur d’avoir été assermenté 23e premier ministre du Canada aujourd’hui."

Trudeau has already been commended for having put together the most diverse cabinet in Canadian history. He had really emphasized this, and wanted to make the cabinet look like Canada. To that end, it is divided evenly between men and women, and there are minorities who are a part of the cabinet, as well.

He wanted to set up, as he mentioned on his Facebook page, "A Cabinet that looks like Canada. Because it’s 2015. Un Cabinet à l’image du Canada. Parce que nous sommes en 2015."

Here is a little of what he actually said, in both French and English:

I spent some time with Peter Mansbridge yesterday. Here’s a look into my day with our new cabinet, my family and thousands of Canadians ready for real change:

J’ai passé du temps, hier, avec Peter Mansbridge. Voici un aperçu de ma journée qui s’est déroulée en compagnie de notre nouveau Cabinet, de ma famille, et de milliers de Canadiennes et Canadiens prêts à changer ensemble (en anglais) :

I am not Canadian, although in watching the new Prime Minister assume the highest office in the land, I found myself wishing I was, and not for the first time. He almost seems like Canada's answer to the Kennedys.

Most certainly, I am not alone in wishing him well. I intend to follow his political career as it continues to develop.

For any who want to see the full event, as covered live, here is some video of that. This video is pretty long, and includes both the swearing in ceremony  in both French and English, as well as his message following the swearing in ceremony, just to give you guys fair warning!

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