Friday, November 13, 2015

New Jersey Considers Legalizing Marijuana

On  Monday, New Jersey lawmakers will discuss the possibility of legalizing marijuana.

I know, I know, with Chris Christie still in office, it is unlikely to happen, since he would obviously veto it. But his poll numbers are down, he is very unlikely to be president, and his term of office here in the Garden State is mercifully almost up.

Also, we have to get past our fears and recognize that the legalization has done some serious and demonstrable good in Colorado and Washington, as well as Oregon.

So, if you live in New Jersey, I urge you to click on both links. The first is an article, with a link itself that has a link to sign a petition. The second link is an article on what potential benefit from the money made by consumption of legalized marijuana products:

New Pot Tax Will Fund College Scholarships by Neal Colgrass, November 8, 2015:

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