Friday, November 27, 2015

NFL Thanksgiving 2015 Review

There were three Thanksgiving Day games yesterday. The first two were blowouts, while the last one was a surprisingly close game, with a surprising outcome. 

Let's take a look:

Detroit 45, Philadelphia 14 - Detroit got on the board early, which as it turns out, was an indicator of things to come. The Eagles answered immediately, tying the game at 7-7. From that point onward, however, it was all Detroit, as the Lions managed to be on the right side of a Thanksgiving blowout, for once. Philadelphia remained stubborn with man to man coverage, even when it clearly was not working, and it cost them big time. A second straight blowout loss for Philly, while Detroit earns their third straight win.

Carolina 33, Dallas 14 - Last year, the Cowboys got a lot of breaks and stayed healthy. It was enough for them to post a 12-4 record, easily enough to win the NFC East. They were tough in the playoffs as well, beating Detroit before bowing out to the Packers at Lambeau Field. This year, however, the Cowboys cannot catch a break. They lost this game by a blowout, as the Panthers moved to 11-0. More importantly for the Cowboys, however, is the loss loss of quarterback Tony Romo for the remainder of the season.

Chicago 17, Green Bay 13 - Bret Favre returned to Lambeau Field and had his number retired at halftime, which was cause for celebration. Of course, the Green Bay faithful wanted to celebrate at game's end with another win, although that did not happen, as the Bears played very tough and held off the Packers, barely, to clinch a rare road win at Lambeau Field. The Bears remain in the hunt for the playoffs, while the Packers drop their fourth contest in five games, and again fall behind Minnesota in the divisional race.

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