Friday, November 20, 2015

One Cosmologist Claims to Have Discovered Evidence of Possible Parallel Universe

One cosmologist, Ranga-Ram Chary of the California Institute of Technology, has suggested that he has found possible evidence of parallel universes, although there are plenty of other experts who counter that this is patently absurd.

Still, it is a fascinating topic to think about and discuss. 

Chary discovered something that appears like a bruise within the cosmic background radiation, and this could be evidence of a collision with a parallel universe. The science is a bit too advanced for me to understand, much less explain, admittedly. Honestly, I am not qualified to really speak about it. So, rather than attempt to speak further about it, I will instead simply point out that the link to the article is below, and encourage you to click on it and read the article for yourself:

A cosmologist says he's found possible signs of a parallel universe Are we bumping into another universe? DAVID NIELD 18 NOV 2015:

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