Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Stephen Hawking Considers These 3 Things the Biggest Threats to Humanity

Artificial intelligence, human aggression, and alien life. Those are the three things that, according to renowned scientist Stephen Hawking, could very well destroy humanity as we know it.


Artificial intelligence that exceeds that of human beings could prove to be a huge threat, Human aggression should speak for itself, and we only need look at the example of Paris last Friday night, or Beirut the night before that, as examples of human aggression that could easily lead to greater violence. Remember, no less of a prominent figure than Pope Francis has already suggested that this was one event in World War III, which is to suggest that this world war is already in progress, even if it is a lot more disjointed and lacking clarity than the other two official world wars were. Finally, the third thing that Hawking believes could end human life as we know it would be alien life, but not necessarily just in the way that movies such as the Terminator franchise and Independence Day would suggest. Not that those would be an impossibility, but Hawking instead points to actual history to suggest another scenario that he thinks likely. Specifically, he believes that the diseases that they carry might wipe out a good huge chunk of humanity, much like the arrival of Europeans on American shores wiped out a huge percentage of Native Americans over time.

Click on the following link and read the article for more details on this rather scary article on possible real-life Armageddon scenarios that may lie waiting in the future:

Stephen Hawking Thinks These 3 Things Could Destroy Humanity by Tanya Lewis, Staff Writer , February 26, 2015:

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