Friday, November 13, 2015

Thursday Night Football Review - Bills Down Jets

Okay, so Rex Ryan had his day, exacting a measure of revenge on his former employer.

The Bills were dominating the game at one point, holding a 22-3 lead, before the Jets mounted a serious comeback.

However, they fell short right at the end, losing the game 22-17. Essentially, they clinched the loss on a turnover.

Now, both teams stand at 5-4, and are both in position to make a run to the playoffs.

But the result was not the only thing to make news last night. Both teams wore bright, colorful uniforms designed by Nike and meant to honor the history of each franchise. Within the next year, every team in the NFL will be getting such a uniform, and each team playing on Thursday Night Football games will be wearing them.

There will be four such games remaining for this season, including next week, when the Titans will be in all powder blue, while the Jacksonville Jaguars will be in all gold.

I liked the bright Kelly green of the Jets, at least on their helmets and jerseys, which seemed like an ode to the past. Not a big fan of the all-green look, however.

As for the Bills in all-red? Well, they looked quite strange, admittedly. They finally scrapped those hideous uniforms from 2003 - 2010, and returned to a similar look at they had in the late-70's and first half of the 80's. Finally, they are back to having some of the nicest uniforms in the league.

So, why alter it with weird looking red jerseys, pants, socks, and shoes? It was all a bit too much, too colorful, too....I don't know. Toy-like?

Not sure that I like it, or the idea that Nike (or any other corporate entity) can play around at will with uniforms like that. Not a good trend to set.

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