Friday, November 6, 2015

Unseasonably Warm Weather Lately

I have been noticing something these last few days: it has been truly unseasonably warm these last few days, and feels more like September than November. The leaves are still up (although they are mostly painted with autumnal colors), and this morning, the crickets were chirping, the birds were singing, and there are bugs still out there. I saw quite a few yesterday, and given how warm it was overnight, there is simply no way that they all died out so quickly.

Here I sit in front of the computer in the bedroom, and the window is wide open. The window in the bathroom is open as well. Hell, even the kitchen window is open, and it is almost unthinkable to have that many windows open this late into the fall season.

Usually, to have windows open even a bit this early on a November morning would bring a serious chill, and either I would close that window, or would have to bundle up in order to stay warm.

Right now, however, I am in my t-shirt and shorts (which is what I usually sleep in), and am almost entirely comfortable. A slight chill on the tips of my toes, but a minor thing. I am otherwise comfortable, and that is because it feels more like a late summer morning, than a mid-autumn one. That is how warm it is.

Yes, I know that here in North America, we often get unseasonably warm days and even periods, known as "Indian Summer."

Still, it somehow seems unnaturally warm, when it is not yet seven in the morning, and it is already quite warm. Already this warm. I mean, on most summer mornings like this, I feel a bit chilly. So what does it say when the windows are open in the style of summer, even though it is now well into November, and yet I am hardly chilly at all?

It just seems freakishly warm for this time of year.

Now, don't get me wrong. Today is my day off, the first one that I have had in quite some time. This week is the first one in over a month when I did not work at least ten shifts between three different jobs (I worked nine), and so I will feel good about enjoying my day off, even more since my son also has the day off, and so I am still in the process of making plans for the day together.

Yet, this weather has been so unseasonably warm, that it is hard to ignore. Sure, it will get colder. After all, this is New Jersey, and it is supposed to be cold here in the northeast by November, with the approach of winter. But the weather certainly seems strange, does it not, even if the unseasonably warm temperatures feel pleasant to most experiencing it?

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