Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Brady Gets Bested by Denver - Twice!

A lot of people do not like Tom Brady and the Patriots, and at times, it was a mystery to me why this was so. A few years ago, there was a poll of the least liked quarterbacks in the league, and Brady headed the list, even ahead of Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger, who has a history with rape, and generally just acting like a despicable human being, which I found, frankly, stupid. Whatever problems people may have with Brady, hating him more than someone like that was just, well, a bit over the top.

It seems that the Patriots are the new Dallas Cowboys. They simply generate a hatred just by their mere mention, just by stepping on the field. Hell, just by existing, it seems. And they are far more relevant than the actual Dallas Cowboys these days are, continually qualifying for the Super Bowl like those Dallas Cowboys of old. So, in a sense, I guess the resentment was understandable, even if the claims that they continually cheat are, frankly, overblown, and the equivalent of comfort food for people who cannot accept that the Pats actually are good enough to keep going to and keep winning Super Bowls.

Still, that did not justify people hating Tom Brady specifically, it seemed. I mean, I cannot stand the 49ers, but I sure liked Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Bill Walsh. Respect their accomplishments, even if you are not happy about them, and even if you do not like the teams that they play for, you can like the individual.

Well, I think I can begin to understand a little bit more now why some people just do not like Tom Brady. Heading into this weekend, when the Pats would visit Mile High to take on the Broncos, Brady posted a pic of himself bucking a Broncos logo, which was kind of obnoxious.

However, Denver got the last laugh, not just by winning and handing New England their first (and so far only) loss, but also by posting another pic of Brady, this time lying on his back and looking injured. It was pretty funny, and the perfect response to Brady's post.

Take a look by clicking on the link below:

Broncos buck off Pats' Tom Brady on field and Facebook

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