Saturday, December 12, 2015

Chris Cornell Can Really Rock the Solo Shows

I know that I have been posting quite a few blog entries about Chris Cornell lately.

So, here's another one.

This is a link to an article about Cornell from Australia, where he was recently touring. In it, there are some interesting comparisons by Jonty Czuchwicki, the author of this particular review. Take a look at some of what he has to say:

Chris Cornell is a '90s Robert Plant. Whether this is old news or hotly debatable to you is irrelevant. The man can sing, duh, yet he also evokes a hot contention to the Led Zeppelin vocalist that no other rock'n'roll singer has ever come close to. This certainly becomes ingrained in your mind after watching and listening to the Soundgarden and Audioslave front man for the near two and a half hour duration of his solo performance. In fact, Chris Cornell performs for so long that he not only tests how true a fan you really are, but has probably only been rivalled by Damon Albarn's Danish Festival escapades alongside African band Jupiter in terms of performance length.

Wow! Pretty good company to be compared with, at least according to this guy. He obviously enjoyed the show, remarking on the authenticity of the show, complimenting not just the incredible length of the solo shows, but also clearly impressed with Cornell's passion. Here is how Czuchwicki concludes his rave review of the Cornell show:

From manic vibrato to long deep notes and intermittent plucking, there's no intensive thought needed to deduce just why Cornell has invited Gibson on tour with him. The show ends climactically with both musicians emitting notes of frantic discord over layers of looping notes. The atmosphere is intense and the show concludes on its highest note. By the end of the show you feel like you know Chris Cornell on a first name basis.

Pretty rave review, according to the author. Having seen Cornell in concert a few times, including a solo tour stop at Reading, Pennsylvania, just a couple of years or so ago, I am inclined to agree. He really puts it all out there on the stage, gives you all that he's got. The shows are long and intense and, in the end, wonderful and immensely enjoyable. My girlfriend came along with me, but was not familiar with too much of his music. By show's end, she was remarking on how he has such a nice voice, and she has since become a fan of his on Facebook.

Take a look at the article for yourself by clicking on the link below:

Chris Cornell - Adelaide Festival Centre by Jonty Czuchwicki, Dec 7th 2015:

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