Thursday, December 3, 2015

Chris Cornell Discusses Justin Bieber's Nirvana T-Shirt

Chris Cornell was the frontman of a hugely successful and universally respected grunge band, Soundgarden, as well as another supergroup, Audioslave. For that matter, he enjoys a successful solo career. He has an amazing voice, and never seems to age, and the imaginative music that he has made, or helped to make, has aged well.

By all accounts, he is a very respected and accomplished musician.

By contrast, Justin Bieber is a relative flash in the pan, although the length of his success has surprised many who had assumed that his star would have burned out by now - and that includes me.

So, you might think that Cornell would be a bit more dismissive of a poser like Bieber when he wears a Nirvana t-shirt. Nirvana's music had a real and raw quality to it, and it had the power to change the popular music scene, while Bieber's is manufactured and, frankly, lame.

Yet, Cornell's reaction might surprise you when it comes to Bieber wearing Nirvana shirts.

To read his comments, click on the link below:

Chris Cornell Reacts To Justin Bieber Wearing Nirvana Shirt Rock by Brett Buchanan - Dec 3, 2015:

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