Sunday, December 20, 2015

Giants Hope to Spoil Perfect Season for Panthers

I submitted this article for Guardian Liberty Voice days ago, but it still has not been published yet, even though it is now the day of the game, and the article will soon be outdated in just a few hours, after the game is done with.

Still, I want to publish it, but already got in trouble once for posting an article written for GLV here before it was published there. So, I would like to avoid that scenario this time around, which means that patience is required.

So, here is an incomplete blog entry at the moment, with some pictures, and the link to one of the major articles that got me into this topic as an article idea to begin with:

Okay, it finally was published. Here is the link:

Giants Hope to Spoil Perfect Season for Panthers

Giants aim to spoil perfect Panthers to stay in playoff hunt Posted 10 hours ago   Dan Salomone Staff Writer, December 16, 2015:

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