Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Paul McCartney Talks About John Lennon's Death

"John Lennon Shot to Death by Wacko as Wife Watches"

Those were headlines of the famous news story that occurred 34 years ago on this day.

Chapman was a lunatic who had gone out of his way to get to New York to shoot down the peaceful and iconic musician. He came all the way to New York City and waited around for Lennon. When he finally saw him, he approached him first to ask for his autograph on a record that he had with him. Then, he took out a gun and shot Lennon several times. I think that Lennon was trying to run away, so he was shot in the back several times, and died later that night.

Today marks the 34th anniversary of that tragic event. Lennon was a luminary, a visionary. He wrote some beautiful music, including Imagine, which I think ranks up there as one of the greatest songs (not just rock songs) ever, period.

The world was saddened and shocked by the sudden murder of Lennon, and that obviously included the other members of The Beatles.

But Paul McCartney's reaction seemed a little strange to many, to say the least. He did not mean to come across as almost indifferent, yet that was almost the way he came across initially before the news camera. Here is a clip:

McCartney explained himself a bit, however. He certainly did not intend to come across as seeming indifferent, or anything. He was simply never comfortable trying to express sadness before the cameras. Here is a clip of him explaining what happened, and why he seemed so strange on that night:

Also thought this was worth seeing. Final radio interview just a couple of days before his death:

Here is the link to the article that I wrote on Guardian Liberty Voice on the subject:


Here was a link to another cool article that I found:


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