Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Rush Limbaugh Says That Malls Are Museums For Women

I wrote this the better part of two years ago, but never published it. Not entirely sure why.

It might seem outdated, except that this guy (and plenty of others like him) tend not to change their minds or ways, which makes this still relevant. And since they receive such a prominent (and undeserved) platform from which to project their extremist viewpoints, we should start to inform ourselves about the corporations that sponsor these shows and make their impact on society a reality. Sure, there is freedom of speech. But there is also our freedom not to reward such corporations for their promotion of people like Rush and Trump. Hit them where it hurts, in their wallet, and maybe then, we are apt to see change from their end. 

Until then, it seems that anything goes, and you'll get more stories like this...

This guy always seems to go to the edge of saying something that would sound downright racist, sexist, or homophobic, and then he pulls back just at the last moment, and usually follows this with an attempt to defuse the situation by warning his fans and detractors alike that people would take his comments out of context, and act offended, and all of that.

I remember a few years ago, when he got in all sorts of controversy because he suggested that the only reason that Donovan McNabb was seen as a very good quarterback was because he was black.

Not so long ago, he got into trouble with the whole Sandra Fluke thing, as well. After that, he actually did lose a lot of his sponsors, although he ultimately remained on the air.

Here, he has done so again, insinuating that there are museums for women all over the country - “they are called malls”.

He's very funny guy, that Rush Limbaugh, isn't he? Also, just in case he ever does say anything that happens to be offensive (which he has, and which he regularly does), he is smart enough to pull back and essentially mock any efforts at protesting his words, and his overall message.

You know, I don't listen to Rush Limbaugh. Have no interest in what he has to say about pretty much anything, frankly. I remember being curious when I was younger (talking high school here) about what all of the fuss was about, but getting the same sense then (probably did not put it into words quite the way I'm doing now, though) that what he was all about was pushing things right to the edge of being scandalous, then pulling back, and essentially mocking those he surely perceives as his enemies, while trying to pass it all off as a big joke for his fans to be a part of, and get a laugh out of, as well.

Here's the thing, though: Rush Limbaugh is filthy rich, and he speaks in the interests of those who are filthy rich, like him. He has prominent endorsers, even after all of the controversies that he has been tangled in, and even after enough time has passed for any sensible individual to know just what this man is all about.

Limbaugh talks at length in the interest of corporations, and certain corporation endorse this message by advertising. But they are all talking the same language: money. And that's where we can hurt them, by hitting them in the only sensitive spot that seems to exist for these guys. Argue against their message, even if you use all of the facts and rationale in your favor, and they will laugh at you. I mean, literally, he and his supporters will mock you. But hit them in the wallet, and they will feel it.

That's probably the only way to make your voice heard, really.

Two of his national sponsors that stuck with him through thick and thin, despite the questionable quality of his intellectual credibility and overall programming, are Lifelock and Lear.

Grasshopper Lawnmowers also are remaining loyal to Rush (see links below). So are Weir Capital, Hillsdale College, the Law Offices of Robert L. Steinberg, Carbonite, GenerationAmerica.org, and Amberen.

I was also disappointed to learn that Eharmony at least used to be a sponsor to his show. That was where I met my present girlfriend, as well as another relationship that I was in. I had been a member on and off again, but have not been for a good couple of years or so now. I recommend you check who they are sponsoring to the extent that you can, before signing up with them.

I've heard of Sleep Number Bed, probably through some advertisement. They at least used to be one of his sponsors. And, I've been thinking about getting a new mattress, too. But there is one company that I will not exclude from the list. Any ideas who? I'll give you one guess...

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