Saturday, December 19, 2015

Study Finds Marijuana Safer Than Alcohol

It has not made tons of news this year, at least not to the extend that it has in recent years prior, but the debate about legalizing marijuana is still very much an active one.

Many people, including New Jersey's own governor and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie warned potheads to smoke up now in Colorado and Washington, because he fully intends to make it illegal again once he gets into the White House. If he gets into the White House, that is (still a pretty big if).

Other prominent Republicans are also opposed to the legalization, or the end of the marijuana prohibition, which polls show a majority of Americans favor ending. I have long counted myself as one of those Americans. This gap, this disconnect, between elected officials and the public that they are supposed to serve is rarely as glaring as it has long been on this particular issue, and I sometimes have wondered why, exactly, that is. For that matter, I cannot help but wonder if someone, perhaps the alcohol industry, or the tobacco industry, or even the paper industry, are funding opposition efforts to the lift on prohibition.

Here is another link regarding the marijuana controversy, and I highly recommend taking a look at this link:

Marijuana is safer than alcohol By Dan Riffle, Special to CNN, October 22, 2013:

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