Monday, December 7, 2015

The 74th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

Yes, I know that next year is the bigger anniversary, when we will mark three quarters of a century since the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Still, this was such a huge event in American history, and really world history, that it deserves to be mentioned on this day. After all, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor forced America into World War II, as the United States declared war on Japan. Days later, Hitler announced that Germany was declaring war on the United States.

Pearl Harbor is one of those few places almost entirely defined by the significance of one event that took place there. Even the World Trade Center in New York City is not as systematically defined by the attacks there as Pearl Harbor is by the bombing by the Japanese on this day, 74 years ago now.

Each year, of course, there are fewer and fewer survivors who attend the ceremonies, as the Greatest Generation sadly continues to die off. Still, it seems appropriate to honor their sacrifice, their bravery, and their shining example in the fight to keep the world free from unprecedented tyranny and aggression.

Today, I honor the sacrifices of those who gave everything that they had to give, often including their very lives, to help keep the world free, particularly on this day, those who were at Pearl Harbor. The world truly is a better place today for their efforts.

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