Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Factory of Sadness

After the latest debacle for the Cleveland Browns (and this one is apt to be remembered for a long time to come), I heard some analyst or other mention "The Factory of Sadness" stadium that the Browns play in.

For whatever the reason, I decided to check for this on Facebook, and was glad that I did, as it turned out.

The site is filled with fans of the Cleveland Browns, and they at least have a sense of humor about the general suckiness of their football team. There was one picture that showed the Browns helmet with the makeshift logo of Charlie Brown tripping and missing the football. Another showed an either injured or dispirited Browns quarterback lying flat on his back, and above it read "Bye Week 24, Browns 21." There was one picture that at first seemed to be the logo for the movie Straight Outta Compton, only this read "STRAIGHT OUTTA HOPE." There was another with the child actor Macauly Caulkin being questioned in court. The judge asked if he wanted to stay with hid day, and he says no, because he beats me. He says the same thing about his mom. When asked who he does want to stay with by an exasperated judge, the kid says the Cleveland Browns, because (drum roll, please)....they don't beat anyone!

One fan put up a blog post of The Factory of Sadness, and after the Browns lost on a Thursday, he posted that the good news was that there was no chance of the Browns losing on Sunday, since they already had accomplished that earlier in the week.

Another fan (Owen McGinty) had this to say about The Factory of Sadness following the unbelievable ending to the MNF game at Cleveland a couple of nights ago:  It lives up to its name, producing an abundance of new and unique sadness every football season.

Indeed, at least Browns fans have fun with their team, and the decided lack of success that they have had to endure now for so many years.

There were selfies with various stunned and angry faces of fans, and one stood out, because it was a picture of a nice and happy looking couple. Underneath, however, it read "Happy, for now..." Whether they were referring to the luck of the Browns, or of their future together, was a little less clear.

Another individual likened being a fan of the Browns to a heartbreaking relationship with a woman. He claimed that he had divorced her (the Browns), and was now considering asking out her best friend (the Pittsburgh Steelers).


I, for one, will give Browns fans a lot of respect, and points for having probably the best sense of humor of any sports fans that I know of, and also for staying loyal and passionate towards their team, despite a lack of anything positive that they get back.

Also, I truly do hope that the Browns, and especially their fans, will hopefully soon have something to cheer about on the football field. It would be really nice to see the Browns in the playoffs again and, dare I say, possibly the Super Bowl someday!

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