Monday, February 29, 2016

Golden State Dominates in Pursuit of 73 Wins

Here is my latest published article on Guardian Liberty Voice. It is another article about the Golden State Warriors, who are enjoying an amazing season following last year's also incredible, championship season.

So far, the Warriors are looking very much capable of winning back-to-back titles, and in fact, they are on record pace in terms of winning for one season. When I wrote this article, they were 52-5, but that was before an amazing 121-118 road win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday evening that, according to ESPN's Sports Center, was probably the game of the NBA season thus far.

Maybe, although I thought that the game that I went to last month, which was similarly a Golden State road win which, much like Saturday's game against OKC, the Warriors won only after a last second three-pointer clinched it for them. Perhaps people are reluctant to put that win on the same pedestal, because it featured the NBA's best team so far in the Warriors, and the NBA's worst team this season in the Philadelphia 76ers.

As of this moment, Golden State stands at 53-5, and have 24 games to go in the regular season. If they manage to go 19-5 or better during that stretch, they will have either tied or, possibly even beaten the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls record for dominance during the regular season. They will beat if if they finish 20-4 or better, and most of their remaining games are at home, which should be an added advantage. Even if they do not manage to surpass or even tie the Bulls, they can become only the second team with 70 wins or better during a regular season, simply by closing out the rest of this regular season with a record of 17-7 or better, which seems very much within reach, given how well they are playing on a game-by-game basis.

Of course, we have to wait to see what happens. One thing that can be said with absolute certainty is that Golden State has really helped to make this season fascinating!

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