Thursday, March 3, 2016

Chris Cornell Says New Soundgarden Album Has More Relaxed Feel

Being a fan of the whole Seattle scene, such as it was, since the early 1990's, Soundgarden have been among my favorite groups now for many decades. They always sounded so different, with complex and unorthodox chord progressions, making their music sound very different. It stood out, as did their unique lyrical content.

I remember feeling very happy to finally get the chance to see them when I went to Lollapalooza with a friend in 1996, at Randall's Island. It was an awesome show. When they broke up a year or so later, I remember feeling a bit sad, as it seemed to be one more indicator of the end of an era when more serious rock music prevailed. However, there was also that sense of gratitude that I had managed to at least seen them before the band broke up.

Eventually, the band would get back together, although it did indeed take quite some time - well over a decade! But the band reunited, and set about to produce and release new work.

As it turns out, their efforts proved golden. In 2013, Soundgarden returned in full force with King Animal, which really is a great and underrated album. I love every song on it, and find myself listening to it quite often.

Even more, my son loves it, and we get to share our mutual love of the album fairly frequently. That was particularly true for our trip out west to Arizona, when we seemed to listen to that probably once a day, mostly at his request (although I was happy to play it for him). We both loved the album but, unwittingly, the album has come to be reminiscent of that great trip, which my son recently told me was the best vacation of his life - something that both made me happy and, admittedly, allowed me to take some pride.

The link to that album with that trip makes it feel almost like a souvenir of that trip, even though I was very familiar with it already well before the trip. Still, nowadays, when I listen to the album, it inevitably conjures up images of that awesome Arizona trip that we enjoyed so much.

Needless to say, my son and I have been looking forward to the new Soundgarden album for some time now, and it is exciting that it is slated to be released later this year.

Well, that time has finally come. Soundgarden is working on that new release, and Chris Cornell recently described the sound of the new album as being more relaxed than previous releases.

Not sure if that will be good news or bad news for my son, who is understandably highly energetic himself, and is justifiably attracted to music that compliments this. Still, it is Soundgarden, and so you know they will bring something unique, and will only produce high quality stuff.

Here is the link to the article about Cornell discussing the new Soundgarden album:

Chris Cornell Talks Writing New Soundgarden Album: ‘It’s More Relaxed’ By Brett Buchanan -  Feb 29, 2016

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