Monday, March 14, 2016

Common Phrases With Origins Dating Back to the Middle Ages

Have you ever wondered where certain phrases and terms had their origins? Have you ever been surprised by the reality of the history behind certain terms and/or expressions?

Well, it happened to me a few times. I remember being a student at Rutgers, and learning that the term "quaint" had a far less idyllic origin than the pleasant connotations of the present term might suggest. If you look at the similarities between this word and the slang for the female anatomy, you would have a more accurate picture of where the term actually had it's origins.

And that brings me to the link below, which expands on some phrases today that have relatively ancient origins which you might never have realized before. Take a look at this fascinating history of some common phrases and how they actually originated:

10 Phrases that Originated in the Middle Ages SEPTEMBER 5, 2015 BY MEDIEVALISTS.NET:

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