Sunday, March 20, 2016

David Duke Claims Trump "Rehabilitating" Image of Adolf Hitler

Personally, I do not recall any presidential candidate or prominent politician generating quite the level of controversy that Donald Trump is presently doing during this presidential campaign.

There he is, getting blasted for suggesting all Mexicans are rapists and thieves, and insisting that, when president, he is going to build a wall and make them pay for it. Then, he is insulting Muslims and calling for a full ban on all Muslims into this country until, according to him, "we know what the hell is going on." He has insulted women, and just generally seems to be bringing the prejudices that many people had hoped would remain buried underneath the surface. But a lot of racists and xenophobes seem to be empowered by Trump.

Below, there is a link to a Rolling Stone article where David Duke, the former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, states that Trump is rehabilitating the image of German dictator Adolf Hitler. Obviously, a statement like that will indeed generate a lot of controversy, and many are suggesting that Trump's inciting his followers towards violence, promising to pay their legal bills if they take care of certain people,

There Trump is, refusing to disavow David Duke, which generated considerable controversy, and painted him yet again as a racist and a despicable extremist in the eyes of many.

That, and he has also suggested that there would be war aplenty once he is in office. He would just bomb and bomb and bomb other lands, and he would bring back torture. Not just waterboarding, but everything, making waterboarding look tame by way of comparison (his words).

Also, he talks as he always has, tooting his own horn and speaking in general terms about how great of a president he would be, that he would be the greatest jobs creating president ever, and that America, under him, would just keep winning and winning and winning.

I listened to a report on NPR about him yesterday, and it was rather amazing. When he measures his wealth, he counts the amount of money that he is associated with on any level, rather than counting his actual wealth,the money and assets that he owns. He tends to do that in a lot of ways, to exaggerate his own sense of self-worth, and his own self-importance and genius.

But a lot of his deals were done by filing for bankruptcy, and then benefiting from the more lenient policies then. He counts those bankruptcies among his triumphs, and boasts about them, trying to embolden his image as a serious candidate for the presidency.

America is not an individual or a business, and it cannot afford to go bankrupt.

Still, many people want to believe that he has some answers, and so they believe what they want to believe.

Below are a couple of links related to Donald Trump. The first is a Rolling Stone article about how David Duke claims that Trump is rehabilitating Hitler's image, and the second is Senator Elizabeth Warren's popular Facebook posting against Trump, trying to mobilize people to take action against him. Enjoy!

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