Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton Has No Plan for Universal Health Care Coverage

Herein lies the problem with Hillary Clinton and candidates like her: they can sound good in speeches, but the actions behind those wonderful sounding words are, more often than not, less than inspiring.

For all of her talk of a responsible approach of incremental change, Clinton really has not elaborated on hos her plan would expand Obamacare, which she has repeatedly suggested she would do, much less establish a single-payer, universal and affordable health care program.

This is something that the country needs, but is being deprived of because the interests of the narrow few elites who stand to gain from profiting from the present system outweighs the needs of the majority of Americans, who increasingly cannot afford adequate healthcare for their ailments.

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Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Have a Practical Plan, or Any Plan, for Universal Health Care Coverage, By Ben Mathis-Lilley, February 12, 2016:

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