Sunday, May 15, 2016

Blog Writing Not Coming So Easily Lately

My concentration has been detracted quite a bit recently, and I fear that it has been affecting the quality of my blog entries here in recent weeks, and possibly even months.

This has been an extremely busy time, and my mind has been wondering from place to place, although the focus has not been as much on making sure that I produce at least one blog entry of halfway decent quality every day.

Yes, I am admitting to having slipped up a bit in this regard recently.

Not that this serves as an excuse, or anything, but the hours that I have been working have something to do with it, and not just because this takes me away from home for many hours of the day and week, either. It is because of the exhaustion that often comes with working some crazy hours, and the lack of energy and motivation that comes along with it, when seated before a computer screen showing a lot of blank, white space. A vast emptiness, that I then am supposed to fill up with something that, hopefully, is of decent quality.

Frankly, I have not felt up to the task lately nearly as much as has been the case in the past.

Hopefully, this is just a passing phase, although we shall see.

All I wanted to say was that I apologize for this, and hope to get back on the wagon and writing more, and better quality, in the near future.

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