Monday, May 30, 2016

Chris Cornell Scores Huge Legal Victory to Obtain Rights to Temple of the Dog Material

It has now been a quarter of a century since Chris Cornell produced music in the wake of the death of former Mother Love Bone frontman Andrew Wood, to serve as a sort of musical eulogy for him.

The album ended up a huge success on every level, and helped make both Soundgarden and Pearl Jam that much bigger, at a time when the Seattle grunge bands were exploding into international prominence already.

The sole album of this makeshift group exploded into prominence and heavy rotation on the MTV video circuit, as well as on radio stations across the country, with "Hunger Strike" in particular.

Man, I'm sure it would be too much to hope that Temple of the Dog might release some new stuff together. Maybe even another album?

Getting ahead of myself, I know, but we are entitled to hope, right?

It would be a bit strange to see them come together again, and I wonder what the older versions of each of these guys, and the different directions that their musical careers have taken, would influence and inform whatever music they might make? How would a new Temple of the Dog album sound now, in the 2010's?

Well, who can say for sure?

What can be said for certain is that the original album was released on April 11, 1991 - over a quarter of a century last month (sorry that I missed the anniversary date), and that it left a strong mark on music, particularly on the legacy of both of the major bands involved. It was a powerful, and generally positive, experience for all parties involved. That was so much the case, that this was what Cornell kept in mind when he decided to go ahead and join Audioslave.

Over a quarter of a century after this incredible album was released, and it still lives on to this day.

Here's to a great album from some tremendously talented musicians, back before they became household names!

Temple of the Dog Have Major Plans Following Chris Cornell’s Legal Victory By Brett Buchanan -  May 26, 2016

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