Friday, May 6, 2016

May the Sith Day is Today

Star Wars Logo

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Star Wars Darth Maul/Savage Opress Pumpkin

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Indeed, by now, a lot of people seem to know about Star Wars Day, and to join in expressing "May the Fourth be with you!"

And with you.

But not so many people are as familiar with May the Sith Day.

I am sorry to say that I was not even aware of yesterday's significance, in terms of the Star Wars universe. Yesterday was Revenge of the Fifth Day, although I only actually found out about it yesterday.

Still, I do not believe that this has quite the same ring to it as May the Fourth be with you or May the Sith Day, although all of these Star Wars analogies are entertaining, at the very least.

So, in the spirit of keeping the Star Wars spirit alive for the month of May (which is, after all, the month that quite a few of the movies have been released in), I am dedicating this particular blog entry to May the Sith Day.


Enjoy May the Sith Day!!

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