Sunday, May 1, 2016

Prince Links Reveal Some Little Known Facts About Singer

I shared a link that reveals some strange facts about the late great musician, Prince.
Indeed, some of these facts about him might just raise your eyebrows, and it does seem that he was a strange guy, in many ways. That much has been his reputation, but these facts reveal a side that might seem strange even to people who viewed him as strange. 
Now, Prince was undeniably a great and talented musician, as well as an incredibly prolific one. But indeed, his reputation for being very weird in many respects was almost as strong as his reputation for being such an incredibly gifted artist.
The link below will reveal this in some greater detail.
Also, since we are on the topic of his being quite bizarre, I thought that it would be fitting to add this video of a David Chappelle skit about Prince, where his weirdness is obviously greatly exaggerated. It was hilarious. I remember watching it for the first time years ago at work, and laughing considerably then. But somehow, I laughed even more this second time around watching it, and recommend that you watch it, too, if you would like a good laugh. I do not believe it qualifies as mean-spirited and, as you will read if you click on the link below, Prince rather enjoyed watching it, too. Still, he said that some of the situations were not as bizarre as Chappelle made them out to be, saying that serving pancakes after basketball was entirely normal, since it was 6am.
Anyway, enjoy both the link and the video clip!

Thanks to my brother for providing me with this link:

Prince Asked Journey to Approve "Purple Rain" in 1984 posted by Ken Dashow, April 27, 2016:


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