Monday, May 23, 2016

Sick Once Again

Well, I am sick again. Not sure what happened, or how I came to be sick, but this has been a surprisingly intense weekend, filled with sleeping and trying to alternately stay cool and then warm again, back and forth.

Yesterday, my skin literally felt hot to the touch, which is not comforting for anyone who falls ill like this.

My throat has been hurting, and swallowing has been difficult. It feels like my glands are swollen, and there is enough pain that it feels somewhat like what I imagine it must feel like days after being choked, when the physical pain is not as excruciating, but still hurts. On top of it, there are pains in the back of my neck as well. Just a bad scene, and with swallowing being difficult, and with my normally decent appetite being largely absent, eating and drinking have been rarer than usual. Particularly eating.

My hands always seem to feel cold, with those exceptions of when I am burning up. There was this pounding headache that was difficult to get past, although this did eventually go away.

Usually, during the course of a day, my arms and legs will feel wobbly and spent of energy, as if I were a heavyweight fighter trying to last through the final rounds of a title fight. This is similar to what I had to deal with in March, when my arms and legs felt the same way, and I was even stumbling at times back then. It has not been so extreme this time, although some aspects of it (like the sore throat) have been worse, if not even far worse.

Currently, I do feel better, although there was a point like that yesterday, too, and the symptoms came back with a vengeance.

Still, hopefully this time, it really will get better. Hopefully, this will prove to be the last time that I feel these symptoms for a good long while.

As to where it came from, I have my suspicions. I picked up Chinese food at a buffet place on Friday after work, and both my girlfriend and I felt sick by the evening. She had a sharp pain in her belly, while I had my sore throat and, soon, would have a massive headache.

At least this is not as bad as what I felt in March, because that seriously kicked my butt.

So, maybe that would be the silver lining here, that this is not nearly as bad as the one in March, which seems to have become the standard for being sick in my case, at least so far. Hopefully, I will not experience anything that challenges, let alone surpasses, that anytime soon. Or anytime, period, for that matter.

I do not have the body aches, but still, my body feels extreme fatigue. Despite getting a ton of sleep in the last couple of days, I still feel very tired. My body feels weak, and it always seems like I am ready to sleep, which is really getting annoying now. I feel almost as if I could sleep the entire day through, both day and night!

Now, I feel ready to do something that I very rarely ever do: go to the doctor! I hate going to the doctor's, and often times feel that here, in this for profit healthcare system that this nation has right now, it is every bit as much of a business as anything else. The doctor listens to your ailments, and prescribes something that he or she may or may not get something extra to push onto you. Maybe that sounds very skeptical, but I sincerely believe that there is more than a little of that kind of thing going around in this country right now.


  1. Sorry to hear that. Take a couple of days off to recover. Sounds like you need some rest and relaxation - nap, drink soup, maybe watch some TV when you're not too sleepy, and repeat. Here's wishing both of you a full and speedy recovery.

  2. Yeah, it seems to be taking longer and longer lately. Either that, or these last two times at bat being sick have hit particularly hard. My throat is getting better, but my voice still hurts and sounds terrible as a result. Feeling every minute of my age just lately.

  3. Maybe you should go see a doctor, if you haven't already? I hope at least that you're not going in to work feeling like that?