Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Yoga Skit on the Jamie Kennedy Experiment

Okay, so, these last few days have been very heavy in terms of world news, and thus the subject matter that I have chosen for this blog.

That said, sometimes you need something to cheer yourself up. Something to take your mind off of tragedies and this seemingly endless stream of bad news.

For whatever the reason, I started thinking about this one thing that really made me laugh many years ago, during another bad time, in the months following the September 11th attacks. There was a show back then known as the Jamie Kennedy Experiment. You guys have probably heard of Jamie Kennedy, right? He was the actor in the original Scream trilogy who played the geek who knew everything there was to know about horror movies.

Well, in any case, he had his own television show there for a while, where he would play pranks for regular people. It was your average hidden camera show, although this came before everyone and their uncle had such a show, and before the phenomenon spread to the internet and because so commonplace.

Not all of the skits were funny. In fact, this is the only one that I specifically remember, because it really made me tear up laughing. None of the other shows of his that I saw were anywhere near as funny as the one where this particular skit was shown, and even after all of these years, it made me laugh pretty hard when watching it again. Yes, that is how funny it is.

But then again, you can be your own judge, right?

So, if you are like me, and you could use a little something to put a smile across your face, then do yourself a favor and watch this. It is very funny, and well worth it!

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