Thursday, August 4, 2016

Being Thankful #2....

Late last month, I posted a blog entry on a memory that I was thankful to have, and it was in the spirit of trying to take some time out to be mindful of all of the blessings in my life to be appreciative of.

Well, I wanted to do that kind of thing more often, so let me now enter my second of these kinds of blogs.

Yesterday, my son and I went to Wawayanda State Park for swimming, right after he returned from his summer camp. The water was fairly warm, and we got some decent swimming in before 6pm, when the lifeguards tell everyone to get out of the water because they are going off duty.

After swimming, we played catch, and it was just wonderful to be out in the fresh air, next to a beautiful lake surrounded with lush, green woods, and to be sharing this time with my son.

Later, he went to play in the sand and, eventually, sneaked back in the water when the Park Police had gone. For my part, I read.

These are the moments in summer when it feels like we could already be on vacation, at least for the few hours while we are up there. It is a real privilege to have access to things like that.

We went to my parent's place after that, and spent time with the family, before it was time to get him ready for bed. After he got ready, we read together (which we traditionally try to do), and finished a book together, taking turns reading. It was a Tintin book.

So, I am thankful for such pleasant things that have graced my life, and wanted to share that here!

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