Friday, August 5, 2016

North Jersey Hikers Beware!

Recently, some booby traps were discovered along a popular hiking trail in northern New Jersey. Strewn across this path, which is frequented by hikers and by dirt bike riders, were boards with nails sticking out, broken glass, and barbed wire.

These were discovered on a trail at High Mountain Park Preserve in Wayne, New Jersey.

As someone who frequently goes hiking himself, I am both stunned and appalled that someone would go out of their way like this, just to potentially hurt, and possibly even kill, complete strangers. This is especially alarming, as it is in the region where I myself often go hiking. I am not familiar with High Mountain Park Preserve specifically, although hiking trails in neighboring towns and nearby communities is something that I frequently do, and often times, my son comes along with me.

This is the kind of thing that you wish just would not exist. It makes no sense to make a point of harming some random stranger.

Yet, the sad reality in this world, and in this sick society of ours, is that there are some really screwed up people who will indeed do this kind of thing.

So, after learning about this, it seemed like a good idea to spread the word about it, so that people in this region can be mindful that there is someone sick doing this. It might not be restricted to Wayne, after all. For that matter, people outside of this region should be mindful that some sick people are out there, and this kind of thing can easily be done by someone determined to do it.

Here is the link to the article:

Dangerous booby-traps found along a popular North Jersey trail by Anthony G. Attrino, August 04, 2016:

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