Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Beatles Album Covers Are Now Honored With Official Great Britain Issue Stamps

Photo by Luiz Fernando Reis (Bealtes cor 36 on Flickr) 
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I have long been a collector of both stamps and Beatles albums, both of these hobbies dating back to when I was about six years old!

So, how perfect to see official stamps from a major country like Great Britain honoring probably the most influential rock act in history!

Yes, the Beatles are being honored as every album that they released (during their lifetimes, not the "new releases" that came decades after the band broke up and ceased to exist as a band anymore), which is a really cool idea that, frankly, is greatly overdue.

Beatles album covers made into stamps

Beatles stamps the most popular special collection released by Royal Mail in last ten years 00:01, 3 JUN 2015 BY AGENCY STAFF

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