Thursday, September 29, 2016

Today is International Coffee Day!

Yes, even though I do not recall ever hearing about this particular holiday until earlier today, it still nonetheless is something worth noting.

Indeed, today is International Coffee Day (and it can also be referred to as National Coffee Day). 

Not entirely sure how this product came to be celebrated to the extent that it has it's own designated day of honor, although it sure is a common enough drink the world over to be so recognized.

Personally, I love coffee. But I have to be careful, because I do not want to become a coffee addict. Some people drink three or four cups a day, and perhaps even more. There was a time when I used to drink significantly more than I do now. 

Back then, I found it actually relaxing, and coffee seemed to have little to no effect on me, in terms of waking me up. In fact, there were times that I would have a nice, hot cup of coffee before going to bed, just to relax!  

These days, I do not do that so often (although admittedly, I did it today). Nowadays, I usually drink maybe five cups or so of coffee a week, although if my workload is more than usual (I work two jobs, with an unsteady workload), then it can be more. Often times on days off, I can drink two cups, as again, I find it relaxing. It is extremely rare for me to have more than two on any given day, although sometimes, while on vacation or, if the opportunity presents itself, I will indeed try a few cups if there is something new to try. The last time that this happened, to my recollection, was while in Poland, because the coffee there is generally much stronger than here in the United States. 

In any case, it just seemed like a good idea to write a blog entry about International Coffee Day. Here's hoping that it is a good one on your end. Here's to coffee!

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