Saturday, October 8, 2016

Being Thankful # 8

So on Friday, I worked at a school that is very close to a park. Often times, I had noticed this close proximity, and had always meant to take advantage of it by walking across an admittedly busy thoroughfare to walk around the park, and maybe take in the views - particularly of a pond and the nearby river.

On this day, the opportunity most assuredly presented itself, albeit in a surprising form. Quite unexpectedly, I found myself with free time when the principal allowed me that free time. Take a long lunch, she said.

And so I did. The first thing that I did was drop off some stuff in my car, although I held onto the book that I have been reading, and then headed off to the park.

This was a perfect early autumn day in this part of the northeast. Not too warm, not too cold. Just exactly as you would want it to be. The sun was shining, but not oppressive. 

I walked, enjoying the beautiful weather, and this unexpected opportunity to enjoy it! The walk is about 1 1/2 miles, and it felt good to stretch out my legs, to get out and take advantage of this chance to enjoy some fresh air.

When I got to the pond, I found a nice bench that offered a very nice view. The autumn colors were clearly coming, and some leaves had even turned, although mostly, it was green. The sun was shining, reflected on the sparkles in the water.

Frankly, you cannot ask for more from an extended lunch break!

It dawned on me that I should be appreciative of the moment, even though the wooden bench was a bit rough, and wound up ripping my pants, ruining them. You have to laugh at such things.

In any case, this was a moment that I felt extremely appreciative of, and so it seemed fitting to share it.

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