Friday, October 21, 2016

Bill Maher Dissects the Popularity of Donald Trump & Explains Why This Could Happen "Only in America"

Bill Maher uses strong language, and I understand that is not for everyone. Sometimes, I think that his language and bluntness can come across so strong as to be a distaction.

Yet, he recently came up with a video explaining why he feels Donald Trump is so popular particularly in the United States. Frankly, I do not believe that he could be especially popular in any other country but the United States, and there are very specific reasons for that, particularly in the land of "American exceptionalism."

Maher draws this conclusion, more or less, and he explains it quite strongly in this thought-provoking video, which I hope you will take a few minutes to watch. 

Again, the language is strong, and this may prove to be a distraction and/or a turn off. However, what he says does apply, and I do not even think that this is relegated to Donald Trump, specifically. There is a growing tendency towards immaturity in the United States, and this is particularly true, unfortunately, for many men - and especially many white men. I know a few Donald Trump supporters who have tried to engage me and even, on some level, to convert me. Two of them are men, one of them was a woman (and she was the only one, predictably, who held any serious reservations about Trump and many of the things that he has said or done), and none of them had particularly impressive arguments to make, falling back on the old, knee-jerk reaction thinking that is the flavor of the moment among Trump supporters. 

Just in case you do not believe that Trump brings out the worst in his supporters (or that the worst elements within our society tend to latch on to hopes that he will be the savior to bring back the worst excesses of the nation's history during times that were better and seemingly more stable for them, then below are several videos featuring the violent tendencies of Trump crowds:

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