Sunday, October 2, 2016

Trump Now Starting to Close in on Lead in Presidential Elections

As of right now, Fivethirtyeight has Trump actually winning both battleground state of Florida and Ohio.

Several other polls show that the race is indeed tightening, and some (such as Bloomberg) are now suggesting that Trump has even taken a slight lead.

All of this after months of Hillary Clinton supporters absolutely adamantly assuring Americans that she was the only hope to defeat Trump.

I know that I have said this before (quite a few times, actually) but frankly, it needs to be said again: she is a pathetic candidate. Corrupt to the core, tired and way too much a part of the system that has screwed people over and rigged both the political and economic system against Americans, and people know it. Collectively, Americans are not as dumb and gullible as they used to be, although there are obvious exceptions (case in point, those adamant supporters of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton). People recognize more than ever that traditional politicians are not the answer and, far from it, they are the problem. That overly polished style is what people now associate with the basest elements of politics, and who is more polished like that than the Clintons?

In fact, I personally believe that this lack of polish is what appeals to many Trump supporters to begin with. Despite policies that clearly aim to cater to the most privileged among us, he still has this reputation among supporters as an advocate of the common man. Yes, this billionaire born with a silver spoon in his mouth is, according to them, "one of us."

Of course, his act is preposterous, and anyone with some objectivity and common sense should easily be able to see through that illusion.

Yet, Hillary Clinton is such a weak opponent that many still opt for him, because she is seen, with some legitimacy, as worse. After all, Trump's lack of polish is probably a liability, where Clinton's connections and overly polished style to appeal to the widest possible voting base is increasingyl rightly seen as the problem. She has a history of being willing to say and do anything to get more power, to get elected into higher office. 

Frankly, people have had enough. 

Yet, the Democratic leadership, in their infinite wisdom, were too scared to stay out of the race when they saw for themselves just how weak and vulnerable a candidate she was. They had assumed that she was unbeatable, and once Bernie Sanders exposed that theory for the lie that it was, they resorted to cheating to make sure that she became the nominee.

Now, Donald Trump, despite his eccentricities, is scoring points by basically insinuating the very same things that Sanders (and others, including President Obama) have long argued about Clinton. He is calling her "crooked Hillary" and suggesting that she is too much of an insider, too polished, and that far from the country being better because of her, it has reached a point where anybody would be better. And he is scoring points with that line of attack, to the point that, rather incredibly, he is closing in on what would be a shocking victory.

You would think that Hillary would have more to say than simply the same old tired message of "Vote for me, otherwise that guy gets in." Yet, she keeps resorting to that, and keeps losing what once had been a sizable lead in the polls as a result, mostly because she has no defense against his attacks against her. Indeed, she is a liability for the Democratic party, even though their most stubborn proponents still go to extraordinary lengths to deny this. 

And that mistake that they keep repeating could very well cost them the election, something that indeed seemed highly unlikely, if not impossible, just a few short months ago, when it was the fractioning of the Republican party that was making all of the news headlines.

Here is a depressing article about the now very real possibility that Trump may actually have a shot at winning this thing:

Trump surges in the polls as the first presidential debate with Clinton looms Katie Little, Sept. 26, 2016:

Who will win the presidency?

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