Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Unforgiving Memes Tear Brock Osweiler & Other Bad Producers in the NFL

Following the embarrassment of Osweiler and the Houston Texans at the hands of the Denver Broncos last night, there were a ton of memes that mercilessly picked on the poor guy.

Well, when you get a $72 million contract, I guess you are not poor. And when you think you are worth that much, and then produce the kinds of numbers and overall play that he has to this point, you start to feel less bad for him. After all, he is killing it financially. Just not on the field.

One of the memes declared him to be the first quarterback to ever throw a fumble, after the bizarre play when the ball slipped from his grip and moved forward, recovered by the Broncos. Another suggested that a local Houston man got away with stealing $72 million.

One also showed a picture of the Cleveland Browns with the Caption, "The Walking Dead."

Get it?

Yes, despite the enormous success for the other two major Cleveland (or Believeland) sports franchises, the Browns are restoring order by remaining horrendous this year, as the only remaining winless team got hammered yet again this past weekend.

Another one featuring the Browns had a bunch of pictures of famous men with the name Owen, and at the end, had a picture of the Browns helmet, with the words "Owen Seven" underneath. 

Get it? Because they are 0-7 on the season.


Anyway, there were a few ones with pictures from 'The Walking Dead' finale, as well as some others which were quite humorous, regarding all of the missed field goals, and the generally sloppy and lifeless play of the thrilling 6-6 overtime tie between the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks this past Sunday night. 

There was even one criticizing the Carolina Panthers, showing a score of the 1-6 Panthers losing to the bye week, 31-14.

Still think that the the one with the bye week defeating the Browns was much funnier, but only because the Cleveland fans had mastered the art of humor in defeat and self-deprication. The Panthers are still getting used to all of the losing this season. 

Check some of these memes out, because some really are funny (though others are just stupid):

Harsh memes shred Brock Osweiler, Texans By Matt Young, October 25, 2016:

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