Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Live Election Results Showing That This Race is a Nail-Biter & Still too Close to Call

Okay, so here I am, writing this live, while the election results are still coming, in, and the ramifications are being sorted out.

As I was driving, I heard Florida called in favor of Donald Trump from NPR, which is not exactly known as FOX News.

Yet on CNN at the moment, Florida remains too close to call.

Michigan is getting tighter, and Wisconsin is still evidently too close to call.

What seems strange to me was that for many weeks, it was expected that Hillary Clinton would essentially win running away. The path to the presidency was unclear for Trump, with really few scenarios likely to play out to get him to 270 electoral votes.

Right now, however, it is much too close to call.

As of right now, Trump holds a lead in a tight race in Michigan. Just how tight? Well, the difference is 13,000 votes and change, which is actually shockingly close. It looks like it will be a long night, with plenty of coverage and back and forth yet to go.

Wisconsin seems to be leaning more heavily in favor of Trump. Not sure that it will necessarily be called in Trump's favor, although 

I see one headline that suggested the former President Bill Clinton, the husband of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, is worried that his wife did not campaign enough.

That may be so, as Wisconsin and Michigan, two states that normally have been reliably Democratic in presidential elections dating back to 1988 and 1992, respectively, now are very much battleground states and up in the air.

CNN just announced Florida in the Trump column as I was writing this. Indeed, this is apparently an incredibly close race, and they have not mentioned what the overall popular vote in the country is.

What was mentioned on both NPR and CNN now is how the markets overseas appear to be crashing at the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency.

Personally, I am not sure what to think. Admittedly, I never, ever took the Trump campaign seriously, and figured that most Americans, when pressed, would realize just how much of a mistake a vote for this man would be. 

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