Saturday, November 19, 2016

Temple Of The Dog Complete Video of Madison Square Garden Show From Night Before Election

I am going to take a break for at least one day from the election. Kind of tired of talking about it, and it is depressing hearing the news coming out nowadays regarding Trump assembling his White House team.

You know, during the show, Chris Cornell mentioned that the world seemed weird back in the early nineties, when the Temple of the Dog album was actually released, but nowadays, the world has just gotten much weirder!

Man, that sentiment stuck with me the next day, when something that I always knew was a distinct possibility, however remote it often seemed, actually did come to pass. I am speaking, of course, about a Donald Trump presidency. God help us!

So, let me rewind a couple of weeks to better days - to the night before this last blasted election, specifically.

I already wrote about having attended the Tempe of the Dog show in Madison Square Garden on the night before the election.

Funny, it really was not that long ago (not even a full two weeks as I write this). Yet, somehow, it feels like it was much longer ago than that, given all that has happened since, and how much it felt the world has changed since then.

In any case, here is a link to a video with the entire show of Temple of the Dog, live at Madison Square Garden!

Full Show Video: Temple Of The Dog Makes Madison Square Garden Debut Nov 8, 20162:21 pm PSTBy Scott Bernstein

Thought this might interest people, too. Members of Stone Temple Pilots and the mighty Led Zeppelin, among other bands, are uniting for a musical project:

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