Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 8 Monday Night Football Review - Bears Dominate Vikings

So, who would have guessed that the 5-1 Minnesota Vikings would get absolutely dominated by the 1-6 Chicago Bears before this game actually took place?

Yet, that is exactly what happened, as Chicago uncharacteristically dominated the once seemingly dominant Vikings.

Perhaps you can chalk it up to a spooky Halloween coincidence? Who knows? Something sure happened that was unexpected, though.

Indeed, Minnesota was held without a touchdown until rather late in the fourth quarter, at which point they were already bsically hopelessly behind, and were just hoping for some kind of a miracle.

But there were no miracles to be had at Soldier Field last night for the visiting Vikings, who lost their second straight after starting off the season with an undefeated 5-0 mark. 

Many were skeptical about Minnesota's hot 5-0 start on the season, and the loss at Philadelphia slowed their momentum down considerably. This loss, however, will have quite a few more people lambasting the Vikings, who teased with that perfect start, but now suddenly appear to be a team in serious trouble.

For this game in Chicago's Soldier Field, the Vikings simply did not show up. They showed nothing of the level of play that got them to the 5-0 start, and this is about the point where you begin to question just how solid this Minnesota team is. After all, they have a rather extensive history of showing promise early in a season, and then fizzling out late.

Unfortunately, this looks eerily similar to that.

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