Friday, December 9, 2016

Mars Human Exploration by 2030 Should Be the Goal

It has been a while since my last GLV article, but I just wrote one recently that was published.

Admittedly, the title, and some of the wording, is a little awkward, but one of the strategies that they make writers employ is for the key word (the one used the most in the article) to be the first word in the title, and for all of the words in the title itself to be repeated in three different sentences at some point in the article.

This one came out a bit differently than my original, as it was edited quite a bit after I was experiencing difficulty repeating the title (which has been changed from my original). 

In any case, I originally started writing this in October, when President Obama first announced it. However, it took so long (partially because I was procrastinating), that I largely forgot about it, and then finally went back at some point to find it unfinished and outdated. I looked up more recent articles, put them to use in completing my own now, and...viola!


Mars Human Exploration by 2030 Should Be the Goal

PS - One side note - the 2030 date was not my original idea. That was edited, as well. No one suggested the deadline to be 2030, specifically, but rather, that we should put people on Mars by the 2030's, which is much different. 

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